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REPORT: Tony Sparano to be named head coach of Dolphins

**UPDATE**: The Post now has a few comments made by Jeff Ireland about Sparano and the current situation:

"He's got another long day tomorrow," Ireland told The Palm Beach Post after escorting Sparano and his wife, Jeannette, to the elevator at their hotel Tuesday night. "We're going to grind him a little bit more with Mr. Huizenga and take it from there." Asked if he hoped to make an announcement within the next couple of days, Ireland said "I hope so." A few minutes later, Ireland was out of his suit and tie. He emerged in the hotel lobby in jeans and a T-shirt and chatted briefly with Dolphins football operations boss Bill Parcells, who was turning in for the night.

We're getting closer...[end update]

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the Dolphins are close to signing Tony Sparano to be the next head coach.  We knew that Jeff Ireland was flying to Dallas today to pick up Sparano.  The Post reports the plane landed in Ft. Lauderdale just before 6 pm EST, at which time Ireland, Sparano, and new assistant director of player personnel Brian Gaine got into an SUV and headed to Davie.  The report also says the following:

The Dolphins are expected to offer the job to Sparano with a news conference possible Wednesday.

The Denali driver, who last week said he shuttled Michael Jordan around South Florida golf courses, hinted big news could be around the corner for one of his passengers but didn't elaborate.

This should come as no surprise to anyone.  I just can't wait for this to become offical so we can move on and begin putting together a coaching staff.

Any ideas as to who might become the next offensive or defensive coordinator?