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Ireland en route to Dallas

**UPDATE**: The Palm Beach Post is also now reporting that Ireland is on his way to Dallas to pick up Sparano after Sparano concluded a coaches meeting:

A source confirmed new Dolphins GM Jeff Ireland left for Dallas on one of Wayne Huizenga’s planes a few hours ago to pick up Sparano and bring him back to South Florida.

Ireland and Sparano met on Jan. 5 in Dallas, but Huizenga and Bill Parcells, who doesn’t like to fly, have not spoken with Sparano face to face about the head-coaching opening.

That should change tonight.

You get the feeling that he'll be our new head coach within 24-48 hours, don't you? [end update]

Armando Salguero continues to offer up the latest on the Dolphins coaching search.  So what is the latest?  It seems as though Jeff Ireland has boarded one of Wayne Huizenga's jets and is off to Dallas to pick up Tony Sparano.  Salguero estimates that Ireland and Sparano will be back in Miami sometime between 6 and 7 pm.  

From there, the Dolphins will likely wine and dine Sparano and perhaps even have him meet with Huizenga for the first time.  According to Salguero, Sparano's agent already has a preliminary contract that he would accept for Sparano.  This contract "includes something of a raise" from what the first time head coaches got last year.

So now we continue to wait.  But it's very likely that our next head coach will be arriving in Miami later this evening.