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Schwartz has "nice" interview and is gone

We know that Titans' defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz was to interview today.  Well, Armando Salguero reports that he did interview and he's already on his way back to Nashville:

First let me tell you that Tennessee defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz has left town following his head coaching interview today.

Reached at the airport on his way back to Nashville, Schwartz declined to discuss his interview or talk about the fact he has virtually no chance to land this job. Must I remind you Tony Sparano is the heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy, heavy favorite to be hired? Have I not made the point often enough?

Hey Armando, we get it.  You, like everyone else, think that Sparano will get the job.  

Anyways, it's a telling sign, in my opinion, that Schwartz's interview didn't at least last until the afternoon, nevermind lasting 2 days.  

And this makes me think that we are getting very close to the beginning of the Tony Sparano era in Miami.

**UPDATE**: The Sun-Sentinel offers this little nugget about the Schwartz interview:

However, the Dolphins concluded an interview today with Titans defensive coordinator Jim Schwartz, 41. Schwartz told several local TV reporters tht he had a nice visit with Dolphins officials, but declined to discuss further details.

A "nice" visit? Yup, he's not getting the job.

Meanwhile, Edgar Thompson reports in his blog that Jack Del Rio said in his press conference today that the Dolphins have not asked for permission to speak with Mike Tice. Good news there! [end update]