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Dolphins Sunday Morning Quick Hits

With two games that will hopefully be entertaining later on today, here are just some quick Dolphin-related thoughts for this Sunday morning:

One day after that very bizarre report about Mick Tice being a potentially serious candidate for Dolphins head coach, we have no new news to report.  None of the local papers, at the time I write this, have even just small note on this.  Makes me wonder how accurate this report from the St. Paul Pioneer Press is.  Hopefully, it's not accuratr at all.  Regardless, with the Jacksonville loss yesterday, if there is any truth to this report, we'll likely find out sooner rather than later.  Now if we can just get a Cowboys loss later today so the Tony Sparano talks can really heat up and we can get closer to having a head coach in Miami.

Somebody made a comment about John Beck reminding him of Brett Favre.  And you know, I can see it too.  Beck does seem to have the same kind of fire.  And when you watch John's college highlights, you do see some flashes of Favre-esque plays.  Couldn't you just see Beck making a play like Favre made on his TD pass yesterday to Donald Lee?  I know I could.  Let's just hope he develops quickly because, as many have said, age isn't exactly on his side.

Yesterday, Ryan Grant ran for 201 yards in Green Bay's win over the Seahawks, which was Grant's playoff debut.  Do you guys know who the last player was to run for over 200 yards in hus playoff debut?  It was non other than the Dolphins own Lamar Smith on December 30, 2000 against the Colts in a classic overtime victory over the Colts on Wildcard Weekend.  Smith ran for 209 yards and the game winning 17 yard TD run in OT.  And that was after Jay Fiedler led the Dolphins back from a 14 point deficit in the 2nd half.  Ahhh, good times!

One thing I noticed yesterday, and will surely notice later today, is how well the offensive lines of the the winning teams performed.  There were times when Ryan Grant, as well as Laurence Maroney, weren't even touched until they got 5 to 10 yards beyond the line of scrimmage.  When was the last time we could say that about a Dolphins running back?  I think I'm beginning to lean more towards Jake Long for the #1 pick, assuming we can't trade the pick.  This Dolphins offense would really get a much needed boost from improved offensive line play.  Let's face it.  You can't win in this league consistently without a solid offensive line protecting your QB and opening up holes for your RB.

Incase you might have missed it, Trent Green continues to say that he wants to play football again in 2008 despite his concussion issues.  He reportedly has passed all tests necessary to be cleared and claims he hasn't felt any effects of his latest concussion in a while.  Will this return be in Miami?  Green said, "I've got to see what head coach is in place and what offense they're going to run."  We know Bill Parcells likes having a veteran QB on the roster, but I'm not sure Trent will be his guy.  And Trent clearly doesn't know if he wants to be that guy or not.  So we'll have to wait on this one.  But I'd be shocked if Green is in Miami in 2008.