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Divisional Playoffs Open Thread: Sunday Edition

Yesterday's game were interesting. The Seahawks played worse than I thought they would and the Jaguars played better. I was very impressed with Green Bay's offensive line. They did a great job of keeping Julian Peterson and Patrick Kerney off of Brett Favre.

Anyways, I'm a little short on time so let me get right to today's games.

Yesterday: 2-0
Playoff Record: 5-1

San Diego Chargers at Indianapolis Colts

As "Neo" said in yesterday's open thread, the Colts are really our last hope in preventing the Pats from going undefeated. Today, I'd be very surprised to see Indy lose this game. The Colts will likely put 8 guys in the box for a lot of the game and force Phillip Rivers to beat them. Antonio Gates will reportedly play, but how effective will he be? For the Colts, I'll be very interested in seeing how Marvin Harrison plays. He's making his return after sitting out many weeks. Will his timing with Peyton Manning be off at all?

I think this game will be kind of like the Jaguars/Pats game yesterday. The Chargers will stay with the Colts for the first half and then the Colts will pull away in the end and win by double digits.
Prediction: Colts win 34-20

New York Giants at Dallas Cowboys

This game really peeks my interest. And that's mainly because I really have no idea how it's going to unfold. I could see many different scenarios playing out. I could see Eli Manning and Tony Romo having a shootout. I could see both teams running the ball effectively with their QBs both playing poorly. But I think 2 factors will play key roles in this game. One: how healthy is Terrell Owens? If he's at or near 100%, I think the Cowboys will eventually pull away. If he isn't, this Cowboys' offense is totally different and can be stopped, even by a Giants defense that doesn't impress me. Two: How will Eli respond if he opens the game and struggles? I could easily see Manning coming out here and throwing, for example, an interception on the Giants first drive. How will Eli bounce back? Will he even bounce back at all or just fold? How he responds to adversity will go a long way in determining this game.

And the player to keep an eye on today is Kevin Boss, the Giants starting tight end. They will likely try to get him matched up on Roy Williams all game, and we all know Williams simply can't cover. If Boss has a big game, the Giants could pull the upset.
Prediction: Cowboys 30-27

Thoughts below...