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SOURCE: Mike Tice a candidate for Dolphins head coaching job

It seems as though the St. Paul Pioneer Press is taking a page out of the book of the New Haven Register.  What I mean by that is the Pioneer Press is reporting that the Dolphins plan on hiring a head coach as soon as next week.  But it isn't Tony Sparano, as the NH Register reported this time last week.  Instead, this paper is reporting that Dolphins plan on hiring former Vikings head coach and current Jaguars assistant Mike Tice:

People close to former Vikings coach Mike Tice insist he will be named the Dolphins' head coach next week if Jacksonville, for which Tice is a top assistant, loses at New England on Saturday.

That's all the paper says about the situation.  

So here's the parts of this report that don't exactly gel.  First, Tice has never been in for an interview that we know of.  Now, he could have interviewed this past week, per NFL rules, but there were no reports at all of him doing so.  Either the Dolphins intervewing process has become much more stealthy, or an interview never happened.

Secondly, Tice has no known ties to Bill Parcells.  And we all know that "familiarity" was reportedly one of the things Parcells and Jeff Ireland were looking for in their next head coach.

By all accounts, I'd imagine this story is as bogus as a story can possibly be.  But my question to you all is how would you feel if Tice was hired as Dolphins head coach?