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Players on Sparano

No new coaching news to talk about. But the Sun-Sentinel does have a good article that paints a picture of what playing for Tony Sparano is like. Here's what some of his current players, and others, say about Sparano:

(On Sparano's serious facial expressions
"You know what, he smiles," receiver Patrick Crayton said, speed-searching his memory for some example. "He does smile. He laughs from time to time. We used to kid him about that, and say, you know, one of those days you're going to smile. The season got on, I think he loosened up, he smiled."
(On Sparano's personality)
"Very hard core," reserve offensive lineman Cory Procter said.

"He's a straight-shooter," starting right tackle Leonard Davis said. "There's no beating around the bush about anything when it comes to him. You ask him a question, he's going to tell you the truth. You've got to have some tough skin. You can't be a sensitive guy."

"And it doesn't matter who you are, from the highest-paid player to the practice squad player," Crayton said. "And he does have a tendency to let the explicits fly."

(On the kind of head coach Sparano would be)
"He's a little bit like Bill," Crayton said.

"I think he would be a lot like Bill," Procter said.

"There's a reason Parcells has an affinity for the guy, because when he looks in the mirror, he sees Tony," said former Cowboys quarterback Babe Laufenberg, now a Dallas sports anchor. "A kinder, gentler version of Bill."

Sparano certainly sounds like a "no nonsense" kind of guy, which is exactly what this franchise needs. He seems like a guy who his players respect, which is also very important.

One other interesting note from this article was Patrick Crayton's nicknake for Sparano: NFL Network. Why? "He is football, 24-7, 365," Crayton said. "Seriously."

So it's no secret why Bill seems to hold Sparano in such high regard. And the more I read about Sparano, the more excited I get about the prospect of Sparano being the next head coach of the Miami Dolphins.