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The Latest on Cam and GM job

Happy New Year to all!!

I haven't really heard anything at all about what has gone on today down in Davie, and that is likely due to the holiday.  So here are the latest reports.

First, on the General Manager's job.  It's no secret by now that Bill Parcells is very high on Jeff Ireland, Dallas' VP of scouting.  Their interview was scheduled for sometime today, but I do not know when.  It's also been reported that many people believe Ireland will be offered the job today and that he will indeed accept it.  In fact, "a source" told the Palm Beach Post that it's a done deal:

Ireland's interview might be a formality. One person within the Dolphins organization who requested anonymity said that based on conversations he has had with insiders around the league, Parcells plans to hire Ireland.

"I heard it's a done deal," the source told The Post.

Parcells, who was not available to comment Monday, is said to be quite fond of Ireland's work. The feeling apparently is mutual.

Also, it's very clear that Ireland wants this gig in Miami.  Here is some of what he has been saying, courtesy of the Post:

"There was a fist pump there. I was excited."

"If I'm chosen to be there and to work with Bill, anybody in their right mind would jump at such a major opportunity. I've been reading about this for the past week and a half. To have something finally come to fruition gets you excited."

"I'm ecstatic to be even considered for the position. The Dolphins are a great and proud franchise. They've just had a little bad luck."

"I consider the work I did with Bill outstanding years. We communicate well together and work well together. I think it would work out well for me, and I'm confident it would work out well for the Dolphins."

So it's pretty clear to me that Ireland will accept this job.  We may even have to hose the two (Parcells and Ireland) down a few times to keep them "off" of each other.  

As far as Cam goes, we know he was supposed to meet with Parcells today at some time.  The Palm Beach Post reports that Bill is undecided on what to do with Cameron:

Bill Parcells remains undecided about the future of Dolphins coach Cam Cameron but will explore options to replace him, a source familiar with the situation said Monday.

Parcells' decision likely will hinge on who might be interested and available to coach the Dolphins. "Bill is considering keeping Cam, but actively looking to replace him," the source said. "If he can get the guy he wants to replace him, he will. If he can't, he'll keep him." Parcells, the new executive vice president of football operations, also might wait for input from the general manager he hires to replace Randy Mueller, who was dismissed Monday.

It would make sense that Parcells would want to first hire a GM (Ireland) and then work with that GM to decide on Cam's fate and/or potential replacement.  And if Cam's fate does hinge on the GM, then the hiring of Ireland could be bad news for Cameron.  It's likely that Ireland would hold Cowboys' assistant coach Tony Sparano in high regards.  The other potential replacement, Cardinals' offensive coordinator Todd Haley, also has ties to Parcells back when he was in Dallas.

So that's all we know now.  And like I said on Sunday night, I don't think Cam's fate will be determined all that quickly.  I wasn't surprised to see Randy Mueller fired quickly, but I would be shocked if Cam is fired before the end of the week.  

However, if Parcells wants to interview Sparano for the job, he does need to get it done before the weekend.  If Monday comes and Sparano hasn't been interviewed by the Dolphins, then it's very likely he may not be Cam's replacement after all, as Parcells would then have to wait until Dallas' season is over to have a chance to talk with him about the head coaching job.  So if Cam is able to make it through this week and Sparano isn't interviewed by the Dolphins by next week, I would think that's the first sign that Cameron may very well keep his job for at least another season.

Very interesting stuff right now...