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Dolphin Notes

Here's some ofthe latest news on Sunday's game.

Cam Cameron today finally revealed his starters for Sunday's game.  As expected, L.J. Shelton will be starting at right tackle.  Cam also officialy announced that it will be Ronnie Brown as the team' starting tailback, though he did say that Jesse Chatman could still be a starter.  The way I read this is that Jesse could be in the game on the opening drive as a fullback.  Many people think Ronnie would be better suited to be the "up back," but Cam did say Ronnie is is tailback.  Here's a little more of what Cam said about Ronnie at today's press conference:

"I like what I've seen in Ronnie, especially in practice.  He's really practiced hard.  I'm excited for him.  I'm excited for us to see if we can get this to translate into the games because he's worked extremely hard.  He's doing what we're asking him to do."

Oh baby, how exited does that make you for Sunday!!  I can't wait to see Ronnie play in this offense.  

I'm also excited to see Joey Porter in there on Sunday, as Cam has said Joey will indeed start.  I've said it all along and I'll say it again: this defense has a chance to be great...very great.  

And as far as the kickoff return situation, it's being reported by many outlets that Cam said any combination of Ronnie, Jesse, and Ted Ginn will be back there.  But Cam didn't actually say that, at least not in the portion of the press conference that I watched.  What he said was he will use different combinations back there.  Then he said "it could be Jesse" and that Ted "will probably be back there."  He also said he'd let it evolve through the course of the week.  He never mentioned Ronnie until a reporter asked if the "Ronnie Brown experiment" was over.  Cam then said  that it wasn't an experiment and that Ronnie was a good kick returner.  What he never did, though, was mention Ronnie's name as a potential kick returner for Sunday.  He did say he was good at it and that they'd look at "different combinations."  In my opinion, I think we'll see Ted and Jesse back there on Sunday.  Oh, and Ginn is the punt returner, as exptected.

One other thing, though I can't fins it confirmed by any Dolphin source, is that is reporting that Ted Ginn is the Dolphins' #3 receiver, moving ahead of Derek Hagan.  If true, that's good news for sure.

The injury reports this year will look a little different.  Rather than list players as doubtful, questionable, or probable, the league is using a new system.  Now, only the Friday report, the final one of the week, will list players under those headings.  On Wednesday and Thursday, they will use different headings.  Those are "out", "did not practice", "did a limited practice", and "did a full practice."  Here's how Wednesday's edition looked for Sunday's game against the Skins:

Limited practice: CB Andre Goodman (shoulder)
Full practice: FB Reagan Mauia (wrist), LB Joey Porter (knee), DT Keith Traylor (ankle)

Limited practice: LB Khary Campbell (hamstring)
Full Practice: RB Clinton Portis (knee), OT Chris Samuels (knee), OT Todd Wade (shoulder), LB Marcus Washington (elbow)