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Power Rankings Around the Net

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For the very first time in 2007, it's time to go around the internet and take a look at some of the more prominent power rankings and where they rank the Dolphins.  Oh, and just to give you all something to look forward to, we here at SB Nation will be doing our very own weekly power rankings that will be based on the opinions of the 30 NFL bloggers that currently write for SBN.  So look for that in the coming days.  Now, onto the power rankings around the net:

-ESPN: 20

A defense led by Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas should keep the Dolphins in most games, but the offense could be spotty. Even so, the future looks promising with the preseason performance of rookie QB John Beck.

Wow.  Is that really Bristol, CT giving the Dolphins some props?  If John Beck's preseason performance can sway ESPN's feelings of the Dolphins, then this kid must be something special.

-CBS Sports: 26

This is a team that has some nice talent, both old and young. But the question is at quarterback with 37-year-old Trent Green.

I bet this isn't the first time in these power rankings where we hear about Green being 37 years old and a big question mark.

-FOX Sports: 29

Everyone's sexy Super Bowl pick from last summer ended up suffering through a disappointing 6-10 season in `06. Insert a new coach, a new quarterback and a new mindset down in Miami. Though the playoffs may be a few seasons away, an improvement upon last year should be expected. Don't be shocked to see second round pick John Beck starting before this season is all said and done.

They say an improvement is expected, but then they rank the Dolphins at #29.  Really?  The Dolphins aren't better than the Falcons, Vikings, or Lions (all 3 ranked higher than Miami)?  I have a hard time understanding that.

-Yahoo! Sports: 19 (Jason Cole) and 17 (Charles Robinson) 19

-About Football: 27

Obviously Trent Green isn't the quarterback of the future. The question is, though, is he the QB for the present. He's 37 years old and didn't look like the Trent Green of old when he returned from a serious concussion late last season with the Chiefs.

I told ya we'd hear more about the age of Green during these power rankings.  But again, another site that has the Dolphins below some bad teams (Lions, Falcons, Raiders).  I just don't get it.

-Doc's Sports: 24

I'm a little concerned to hear Cam Cameron saying that this team will "need" to bring in some guys after cuts are made around the league. But Cameron has been playing head games all training camp so I'm learning to take what he says with a grain of salt. The defense shouldn't drop off this year as much as I expect it to. They've been playing extremely well even without starters Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas and Joey Porter.

And without Keith Traylor.  Can't forget about the big man, who has a big role in this 3-4 defense.  But again, the Raiders are better than the Dolphins?  Give me a break.

-Football Locks: 16

-NFL Report: 15

The Culpepper experiment didn't work out. Now enter new Head Coach Cam Cameron and veteran Trent Green. If the aging defense has enough gas left in the tank, Miami could make a playoff run in '07.

There's the first time the "p" word has come up when discussing the Dolphins in these rankings.  That's a nice way to end this thing, isn't it?

Average Rank: 21

I'm a bit surprised, as I thought the Dolphins should at least crack the top 20.  But this really all means nothing once the players hit the field on Sunday.  And I can't friggin wait!