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More info from Monday's practice

Armando Salguero is confirming that Ted Ginn and Jesse Chatman were indeed the kick returners in practice.  He also reports that L.J. Shelton was working with the first team while Anthony Alabi is working with the scout team.  All indications are that Shelton will be the team's starting right tackle.  Personally, I thought alabi looked slow all preseason and I like moving Shelton back to the starting lineup.

Also, Salguero reports that the Dolphins will have Ronnie Brown and Jesse Chatman share the load in the backfield.  Cameron said, "You need two backs in this business. You can't interpret that as a negative. But you'll see both those backs in a game."  I see this as Cam still playing mind games with Ronnie and, in the end, Brown will still get 20-25 carries per game.  

Lastly, Armando reports that Joey Porter is "very much on track" to play on Sunday.  Great news indeed!