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Ginn and Chatman returning kicks

The Miami Herald is reporting that in today's practice, the team's first since making cuts, the Dolphins are clearly in regular season practice mode.  And it's reported that Ronnie Brown is not returning kicks in practice right now.  Instead, it's Jesse Chatman and Ted Ginn.  That's definitely a good sign.  It also likely means that, not surprisingly, Brown is the team's starting running back.  We're likely to officially hear Brown named starter later today, as Cam has said he'd name a starter on this day when he spoke about the situation last week.

In my view, it seems like everything Cam says and does all has purpose.  For instance, putting Ronnie back at kick returner in the preseason was a clear way to send a message to Ronnie as well as get Ronnie practice at findthe a hole and bursting through it.  Also, not having Ted Ginn returning kicks in the preseason had to be a calculated move by Cameron.  Perhaps he didn't want to show too much of Ginn to the league.  Or maybe Cam was having Ginn focus on receiving since he already has a lot of return experience.  All I know is that this report by the Herald is great news and that I'm officially pumped for the season!!!