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Saturday Night Update

I'm posting this from my hotel room in south Florida via my cellphone, so this is going to be short.  However, thanks to the access that the organization gave us Dolphin websites at this weekend's web weekend, there are a few thing I did want to share with you guys.

Cam Cameron spoke with us and here are some of the things he said that might be of interest to you all:

-Cam said that they will rotate the defensive players, especially the line, to keep the unit fresher.  That means that Rodrique Wright will be active tomorrow for the first time, according to Cam.

-Cam said that we're now going to see if Ronnie Brown can play like he did last week consistently.  Cam did say that he thinks Ronnie can.  To me, that means Brown will likely see the ball early and often tomorrow.  Good news for sure!

-Cam said that Ted Ginn is further along as a wide receiver at this point than what he thought Ginn would be when they drafted him.  Maybe we'll see more out of Ginn tomorrow than we have so far.

That's it from south Florida.  The open game thread is right below this post.

Go Dolphins!!!