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Porter guarantees a win on Sunday

Well Joey Porter, whose play has been pretty disappointing thus far, has opened his mouth in a big way for the first time as a Miami Dolphin.  What did he say?  Porter guaranteed a win on Sunday.  That's right.  This team is 0-3 but Porter guaranteed a victory:

"It's early, but it's not a situation where everything is on the line, but it is on the line as far as the sense of urgency. We have to get a win. Take nothing away from anybody, or anything like that, but it starts now. We will win on Sunday."

And incase you think that last sentence was just an accident and he actually didn't mean to say this, he says it again a few minutes later:

"This is a must win for us. Write it how you want to write it. We will win on Sunday. We will win and that's it."

There are also some other good quotes by Porter so be sure to check out Omar Kelly's blog about this.

No matter how you feel about this, one thing's for sure: Porter has balls.  I don't think anyone else would do this.  I don't even think any fans, like you and me, would guarantee a win on Sunday to one of our buddies.  It takes massive balls to do that and I give him props.  Now let's see him actually back it up.  Let's see J-Peezy actually make some plays on Sunday.  If he doesn't, I'll be one of those yelling in his direction, that's for sure!