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Power Rankings Around the Net

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In times like these, it's almost painful to check out the various power rankings.  At 0-3, you'd be happy to crack the top 28, really, which is why I thought about not doing this.  But where's the fun in that?  So let's get to it.

-ESPN: 31

Cam Cameron is upset with his special teams and said everyone will be considered for kicking game duties this week against Oakland. "Is [backup QB] Cleo Lemon going to run down on kickoff? He might," Cameron told reporters. Well, we'd like to see that.

That's fine with me.  I think everyone should be considered for it.  Maybe Brandon Fields will be a part of the kickoff coverage unit.  He is a monster for a punter.  And could he be any worse than what we've got already?  Probably not.

-CBS Sports: 30

Is this the week they get their first victory? The Raiders coming across the country is a good way to get it.

It better be because I'm going to be there!  But with my luck, it'll be Daunte Culpepper coming in for McCown, bringing the Raiders back in the 4th quarter against a "tired" Dolphins defense.  Wouldn't that be just wonderful?  If that happens, I may not make it back from Florida.

-FOX Sports: 30

The Dolphins gave the Jets a battle on Sunday, but came up short in the end, losing 31-28 in the Meadowlands. The Dolphins finally got something from their offense, with Ronnie Brown putting together his best performance of the season, rushing for 112 yards and catching six balls for 99 yards. The former first-round pick reached the end zone three times. It wasn't enough. At 0-3, Cam Cameron becomes the first Miami first-year coach to start the season winless in three attempts since George Wilson in 1966. He'll look to get his first victory against the 1-2 Raiders on Sunday. Wilson started that '66 season off 0-5. Feel free to drop that bit of useless info at the water cooler today. Your boss will be very impressed.

That's a lovely little fact.  Cam's the first 1st year Dolphin coach to start the season 0-3.  Does it mean anything?  Not at all.  But it's just bad karma, I guess.

-Yahoo! Sports: 30 (Jason Cole) & 27 (Charles Robinson)

-Sporting News: 31

There's no truth to the rumor that Cam Cameron is trying to break George Wilson's record for the worst start by a coach in franchise history.

Why is this George Wilson crap suddenly popping up everywhere?  I bet half of these media-types didn't even know who Wilson was until they looked up the worst start Fins history.  Let's get over this.

-Football Locks: 24

The Dolphins fell to (0-3), losing by 3 points on the road to the Jets... Road losses to the Jets and to the Redskins (in overtime), and a home loss to the Cowboys aren't enough to send the Dolphins into the 30's where they'll probably be ranked in some other power rankings. This team beat New England and Chicago last season. And while they're playing some rough football in 2007, the schedule has been stiff. We'll save any drop to the low 20's or 30's for next week if the Dolphins should lose at home to the Raiders.

Fair enough.  Unlike many fans, they don't want to write the Dolphins totally off just yet.  What I mean by "totally off" is calling the Dolphins one of the worst 5 teams in the league.  And I say "yet" because a loss this week really does place the Dolphins amongst the worst 2 or 3 teams in the NFL.  So let's pray for a win here.

-NFL Report: 30

Miami got their ground game going finally, and WR Chris Chambers eclipsed the 100-yard mark, but it was all for not as the Dolphins lost to the Jets to remain winless.

Yup.  Winless and quite pathetic right now.  That's our Miami Dolphins!

Average Rank:  29