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Breaking Down the Passing Game: Week 3 Edition

Time to check out Trent Green's passing habits yet again, as we'll do all season long.  

On Sunday, Trent threw 36 passes.  However, one of those was a throw-away with no clear intended receiver.  So for the sake of this analysis, we only counted the 35 passes with intended receivers.  Of those 35 passes, Chris Chambers continued to be Trent's main target, being thrown to 12 times and making 6 catches.  Marty Booker was looked to more than he has been in the 2 previous games.  Booker was targeted 9 times, making 5 catches.  Ronnie Brown was the next most targeted, with 8.  David Martin was the only other Dolphin to be targeted more than once, with 3 looks.

Green's Targeting
Here's the breakdown of who Trent Green has targeted the most through the first 3 weeks:

Chris Chambers: 39 targets (36%)
Marty Booker: 22 targets (20%)
Ronnie Brown: 16 targets (15%)
Jesse Chatman: 11 targets (10%)
David Martin: 8 targets (7%)
Derek Hagan: 5 targets (5%)
Justin Peelle: 5 targets (5%)
Ted Ginn Jr: 3 targets (2%)

Receiver Success
And here are the success figures for each receiver.  Remember that this is simply the percentage of passes caught by each receiver based on their opportunities.

Jesse Chatman: 91%
Ronnie Brown: 88%
David Martin: 75%
Derek Hagan: 60%
Justin Peelle: 60%
Marty Booker: 55%
Chris Chambers: 54%
Ted Ginn Jr: 33%

You got to love the improved success that Chambers is having.  Last year, he had the 2nd worst year over the past 5 to 10 seasons in terms of success rate (39%).  This year, it's improved 15% so far.  I guess some of the Chambers naysayers are going to be a bit more quiet for now.