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Zach Thomas could have concussion

And the hits just keep on coming for Dolphin fans.  The latest is that Zach Thomas may have a concussion and is undergoing tests.  Thomas was reportedly lighheaded and had other symptoms following Sunday's game against Dallas.  He has missed practice both yesterday and today.  Yesterday, it was called a "migraine," but it clearly could be something more serious.

"We've got some tests ongoing," Cameron said. "We think there is a chance he has a slight concussion."

Thomas' status is unknown for Sunday, but Dolphin fans are already fearing the worst.  The Miami Herald reports that Thomas has had "several concussions" in his career and another could begin to call into question the remainder of his career.  

But let's not panic yet.  We all need to just wait and see what the test results show.  If Thomas can't play on Sunday, Channing Crowder will likely move to Thomas' MIKE spot.  I'd imagine Donnie Spragan would then get the start in Crowder's spot, but I'm not too sure.  Let's wait and see and hope for the best; not just for Thomas' availability on Sunday, but also for Thomas' health and life after football.

**UPDATE**: The team's official site reports that it would be Derrick Pope taking Crowder's spot if Channing has to take Zach's spot.