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Back from Cleveland

I got in a few hours ago from Cleveland and while I was gone, there was a lot that happened (which always happens when I'm away).  So allow me to quickly touch on some of the more interesting developments from the weekend.

First, I'm surprised Cory Schlesinger got cut despite his age.  This is now the 2nd year in a row the Dolphins have cut a veteran fullback who was signed just a few months earlier.  Hopefully Reagan Mauia will work out and this team can stop having to worry about the FB position every year.  And from everything I've seen thus far out of Mauia, I don't think he's going to disappoint.

Next, the wide receiver position was an intriguing storyline this weekend.  First, Az Hakim gets cut, meaning Kerry Reed is the team's 5th receiver.  Then the Dolphins claim Greg Camarillo off waivers from San Diego and cut Reed.  Camarillo is entering his 3rd season, and though he lacks playing experience, he knows Cam's offense.  But more importantly, he's a legitimate special teams player and should contribute instantly as part of the team's coverage units.

But the most interesting storyline played out on Sunday as the Dolphins signed offensive linemen Cory Lekkerkerker (what a friggin name), formerly of San Diego, and Gene Murczkowski, formerly of New England.  They also placed rookie Drew Mormino on Injured Reserve.  So it'll now be interesting to see how the Dolphins use these 2 new additions along the line.  Neither of these 2 are overly experienced but they could certainly push Chris Liwienski, Rex Hadnot, or Anthony Alabi for playing time.  Keep an eye on this situation.

Back with some more tomorrow as we begin looking at the regular season!!  Exciting times are ahead for sure!