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The Trent Green/John Beck Situation: A Voice of Reason

It's no secret to those who read my site on a regular basis that I can't wait to see John Beck get his chance to start.  The kid looks the part of something special, everything from his physical tools to the way he handles himself off the field.  And already, there has been an uproar in Miami, with many fans already calling for Beck to replace Trent Green after just 2 games.  If you do read this site often, then you know that I'm not in favor of starting Beck yet.  I'm not saying he shouldn't start at all this year, but just not yet.  

My argument when I originally posted this was guys like Patrick Ramsey, Tim Couch, and David Carr.  These 3 guys were clearly put in too soon, behind very shaky offensive lines, and got beat up game after game, got their confidence shaken, and became NFL afterthoughts.  Others point to Peyton Manning as the poster child for starting your QB as a rookie and letting him learn.  Then they also point to how others around the league are doing the same thing, with Jay Cutler in Denver, Vince Young in Tennessee, and Matt Leinart in Arizona.  

I can argue these points by pointing out the players who have sat for at least one season and then went onto succeed.  Some of those examples would be Carson Palmer, Drew Brees, Phillip Rivers, and Marc Bulger.  But I'm not here to argue this because you could argue this for hours and hours, pointing out many, many examples.  Personally, I'd find that discussion kind of boring, and I'm sure you all might as well.

So what is the point of this post?  Good question.  The point of this question is to point out something that I think everyone seems to be missing.  This controversy that seems to be brewing here with Trent Green and having him replaced with John Beck is not a controversy.  Why?  Because it's media-driven bullsh*t.  This all comes from overeager fans who want to see what they have in Beck and from the south Florida media personalities who are going to sell papers and attract hits to their websites/blogs by feeding this John Beck frenzy that the fans have created.  

What do I mean?  It's simple.  This is a non-issue to the Miami Dolphins.  Nobody within the organization is likely talking about this situation.  And the fact of the matter is that Beck is still the 3rd string quarterback.  He isn't ahead of Cleo Lemon.  He's #3.  What this means is that Beck is likely running the "scout team" offense.  In fact, it's very likely that John is probably not even learning Miami's offense every day.  Instead, he's probably learning it part-time while running the opposition's offense for that week during practice.  

So I think everyone needs to tone down the anti-Green and pro-Beck mentality that seems to be going around.  Don't listen to the media personalities who seem to think a controversy is brewing.  It isn't.  At least not yet.