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Power Rankings Around the Net

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Time to see how far the Fins have fallen in this week's power rankings.  Should be a fun trip so let's get to it.

-ESPN: 28

In just his second game as the Dolphins QB, Trent Green did what he had done only one time in 112 previous games prior to this season -- throw four interceptions. This is what happens when you assume the starting QB's role in Miami.

Hard to argue that fact.  But the idea that the starting QB position in Miami is a jinx will come to an end when the John Beck era begins...hopefully.

-CBS Sports: 30

Make the change. Make the change. Make the change. How many more times can I implore Cam Cameron to go to John Beck? Do it for the future.

Interesting that Prisco wants the Dolphins to go to Beck already.  He's the first national media personality that I've heard call for Beck.  I'm sure the uproar will continue to grow if Green doesn't get his sh*t straightened out.

-FOX Sports: 31

The Dolphins fell to their second NFC East opponent on Sunday, with a 37-20 loss to Dallas. For the second straight week, the running game struggled, putting up only 61 total yards. Miami's starting the season 0-2 for the third time in four years, and Cam Cameron's offense is sputtering. Debatable clock management at the end of the first half plagued the 'Fins for the second straight week as well. There are plenty of question marks these days down in South Beach.

I guess there are enough question marks in Miami for the Dolphins to be ranked as the 2nd worst team in the NFL according to FOX.  The worst part is that at this point, I can't argue that fact.  Dark days, indeed, for the Dolphins fan.

-Sporting News: 28

Tough crowd, eh Trent Green?

Yes, the natives are growing restless after just 2 games.  If you actually listen closely, no matter where in the country you are, you can hear the chant of "John Beck, John Beck" over and over again.  Or maybe that's just me.  Who knows?

-Football Locks: 24

For most of the game Miami's defense was doing its job against the Cowboys' offense. But Miami's offense couldn't get out of its own way thanks in part to 4 Green interceptions. And eventually the defense caved in.

Fair assessment there.

-NFL Report: 28

Miami is starting to make their push for the sorriest team in the league. QB Trent Green threw four picks in the loss to Dallas but that could've been about 12. Time to dust off Cleo Lemon? Wonder what Jay Fiedler is doing these days?

Was that a Jay Fiedler reference I just read?  That can't be good.  And did they actually say Miami could be the "sorriest team in the league."  No way.  you got the Lions...oh crap, they're 2-0.  There's the Cardinals...crap, they got a win.  There's the Bills and Raiders.  Ah yes, thank god for the Bills and Raiders.  (For some reason, I get the feeling like I'll regret that comment in a few weeks...hmm)

-Yahoo! Sports: 28 (Jason Cole) & 26 (Charles Robinson) 32

Just how bad is the running game? People are floating around Ricky Williams' name again, that's how bad.

Yea, that is bad.  But is it bad enough to have the Dolphins dead last?  Even below the Falcons?  That's a bit of a reach.

Average Ranking:  28

Back later with some thoughts on the whole "start Beck" petition that seems to be going around.