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Breaking Down the Passing Game: Week 2 Edition

Let's revisit this, as we will all season, to see who Trent Green is looking at the most, as well as seeing which receivers are making the most of their opportunities.  

First thing to note is that Trent targeted a receiver on 37 throws.  Those other 3 were spikes to stop the clocl and wil lnot be counted in this breakdown.  So in week two, Chris Chambers continued to be Trent's go-to guy.  He was targeted on 43% of his passes and caught 9 balls.  Booker was targeted the 2nd most, at 19%.  I think the most interesting thing from week 2 is that Green only checked down to the backs 16% of the time, as opposed to 35% of the time in week 1.

Green's Targeting
Here's a breakdown of how who Green has targeted the most through 2 games:

Chris Chambers: 27 targets (36%)
Marty Booker: 13 targets (18%)
Jesse Chatman: 11 targets (15%)
Ronnie Brown: 8 targets (11%)
David Martin: 5 targets (7%)
Justin Peelle: 4 targets (5%)
Derek Hagan: 4 targets (5%)
Ted Ginn: 2 targets (3%)

Receiver Success
Here is the receiver success rate of the passes that are intended for each receiver.  Again, the success rate of Chris Chambers is certainly an encouraging thing, as it's nowhere near the dismal 39% figure of last season.

Ronnie Brown: 100%
Jesse Chatman: 91%
David Martin: 60%
Chris Chambers: 56%
Marty Booker: 54%
Derek Hagan: 50%
Justin Peelle: 50%
Ted Ginn: 0%