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The Best Take on "Spy-gate"

Courtesy of Ben Volin, here is what Trent Green said about this spying situation that is going on up in New England, referencing the classic movie "A Few Good Men":

"I'm surprised this analogy hasn't come up yet," Green said. "Can't you see Bill Belichick and Roger Goodell in the office having the conversation, and you picture Roger Goodell as Tom Cruise, and you picture Bill Belichick as Jack Nicholson."

"And they're sitting in the courtroom, and they're having this discussion, and all of a sudden Goodell is like, `Did you order a code red?!?!'"

"And Belichick is sitting there. And you know he's getting peeved because he's even in there, that he has the audacity to bring him in and question it."

"That's the analogy and kind of the visual that I have, is that eventually Belichick just kinda snapped and went, `You're darn right I ordered a code red!'"

"I don't know, maybe I'm the only one that has that warped perception."

That's friggin' great! I have a new love of Trent Green now. But I guess I'm kind if warped, too, then.