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Power Rankings Around the Net

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It's time to do our weekly look at the various internet power rankings to see where they rank our Fins following a painful loss to a subpar team.

-ESPN: 27

It wasn't a good debut for new coach Cam Cameron. His team committed eight penalties, dropped several passes, turned the ball over once, failed to establish a running game and badly mismanaged the clock. Other than that ...

I hate ESPN and their writers, but they did a good job of summing up last week's game.  It still hurts.

-CBS Sports: 28

Losing an overtime game is tough in the opener. Don't you get the feeling they will be down here for most of the season?

I love the optimism there.  Thanks, Pete Prisco.

-FOX Sports: 28

The Dolphins dropped a tough one in Washington on Sunday. Miami's offense sputtered. There were numerous false starts, a slew of dropped passes, and some really curious management of time outs. Ronnie Brown ran for only 32 yards and Jesse Chatman managed just 15 yards on seven carries. Cam Cameron's been hyped as an offensive mastermind. There was nothing masterful whatsoever about Sunday's performance against the Redskins.

No there wasn't.  But I don't get why we actually moved up in their rankings from 29 to 28.  I guess the Falcons piss poor effort dropped them lower than us.  Hey, I'll that it.  (Enjoy Joey Harrington, Falcon fans)

-Yahoo Sports: 22 (Jason Cole) & 23 (Charles Robinson)  29

The Dolphins pushed the Redskins to overtime in Week 1. This week they get a reality check in Dallas.

What a sad state this franchise must be in if we move up 2 spots in the power rankings for taking a team like Washington to overtime.

-Football 20

Miami rushed for only 66 yards in an overtime loss in Washington.

That's some in-depth analysis there.

-NFL 17

Looks like it's gonna be another long year for the Miami offense. QB Trent Green, a 14-year veteran, made some rookie-type mistakes and squandered a very good day for Miami's defense. Expect this to be a common theme in 2007.

What the hell are they talking about?  Trent Green made mistakes?  I don't know what game they were watching, but to me it was the opposite.  Green completed 63% of his passes and didn't committ a single turnover while the defense couldn't make any stops in crucial situations.  Clearly, the folks at didn't pay much attention to this game.

Average Ranking: 24

Back later with a breakdown of Miami's passing game.