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It's Official: Yeremiah Bell is Done

Our worst fears are confirmed.  In his press conference today, Cam Cameron has officially announced that starting safety Yeremiah Bell is done for the season with an Achilles' injury.

This is a very blog blow to a secondary that already lacks depth.  It seems likely right now that one of our favorite goats, Travaris Tillman, will replace Bell in the starting lineup.  Personally, this whole situation makes me sick, as I really felt Bell was in for a big year.  And we all know just how terrible Tillman has been as a Dolphin.  

Now, there are two intriguing options the team could explore if Tillman does continue to absolutely suck like he has in the past.  First, there's the option of moving Jason Allen back to safety and letting him try to prove himself and save his young career.  I mean, he couldn't be any worse than Tillman, could he?  The second option could be to move Travis Daniels to safety once Andre Goodman returns.  Daniels lacks great speed, something we saw exploited by Antwaan Randle-El last year.  But great speed isn't something a safety needs as much as a corner.  Bell wasn't very fast, either.  Daniels is a smart kid with good instincts so I could see him playing very well as a safety.  Of course, this idea would be more challenging now because he'd be making the switch in season.  But it's something to chew on.

Then there also is the idea of bringing in someone new from outside the organization.  Donovan Darius has been one name that Dolphin fans have been tossing around.  Another is Lamont Thompson, who was released by Tennessee on September 1.  

What do you all think the Dolphins should do?