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Thursday Afternoon Practice Report

Today's afternoon session was the final session open to the public before Saturday's game against the Jags.  Here are some observations courtesy of Ben Volin:

-Goodman, Toledo, Rosenthal, Keith Traylor and Marty Booker on the bikes. Booker said his left knee injury is nothing serious, but don't be surprised if/when he sits out Saturday's game.

-Sick one-handed grab by Courtney Anderson on a ball thrown behind him from Cleo Lemon. Anderson was hit-or-miss with Oakland last year finishing the season with 25 catches for 285 yards and two TDs. But he's 6-6, and could be a factor this season if he makes the team.

-Carey is certainly the team's best option at LT. I'm not going to predict a Pro Bowl for him, but he's going to be solid.

-No, I don't think Beck will be the No. 2 quarterback to start the season, but that doesn't mean Beck won't play. If Green gets hurt, or the Dolphins have another bad start, I could see Cameron turning to Beck over Lemon to give him game experience for next season.

-Oh, and I heard a rumor that the Jets will hold on to Kendall til at least the end of training camp so a division rival -- aka the Dolphins -- doesn't swoop in and sign him.

-Third-and-short drills. First team offensive line is (left to right) Carey, Mormino, Satale, Hadnot and Alabi.

-Did you see what Cameron's offense did for LT last year? The man knows how to get the ball to his RB. Now, let's not go crazy -- Ronnie Brown is nowhere near the same player as LT. Different body types, different abilities, different skills. But I see Brown being active in the passing game this year, and best-case scenario, has about 1,100 rushing yards, 500 receiving yards and 10+ touchdowns.

-And on the other field, John Beck is completing passes to Derek Hagan and Lorenzo Booker in 7-on-7 drills. The guy can thread a pass.

-Jason Taylor eats Green for lunch on the first play. Carey neglected to block him.

-Another good play by Kerry Reed, dragging his feet just inside the white lines. He makes a better case for making the roster with every practice.

-Beck in, playing behind the first-team offensive line but third-string receivers. TE Justin Peelle has a bad drop. He was wide open.

-Green in now. Play-action pass to Courtney Anderson for the touchdown. Nice.

-Beck in now. Play-action pass to Halterman streaking across the end zone for the touchdown.

So it doesn't seem likely that Pete Kendall is going to be a Dolphin in 2007.  No big deal, really.  I would have liked to have him but having to wait until the end of camp makes it not really worth it.  I say they should continue letting Mormino have a shot at the starting spot.

Also, if Marty Booker is out on Saturday, and it appears he might be (though if it was a regular season game, I'm sure he'd play), we're going to see more from Ted Ginn, Derek Hagan, David Sutton, and Kerry Reed.  It'll be a good chance to see what they are all about.

And I'll post other reports as I find them.