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Thursday Morning Practice Report

Time to get to today's morning session.  Up first is Edgar Thompson:

-WR Marty Booker is riding the exercise bike again after he sat out Wednesday with knee soreness. He's joined by the usual peloton: G Joe Toledo, CB Andre Goodman, T Mike Rosenthal.

-Can't let the blog go too long without an update on David Sutton. He just made a sweet fingertip grab on a post pattern.

-TB/FB Reagan Mauia just bounces on outside before S Renaldo Hill rides him out of bounds. It will interesting to see how the team uses Mauia. He potentially seems to be more of a factor in the running game than Lorenzo Booker.

-Nice play by CB Travis Daniels on a crossing route to Sutton. Daniels arrived just as the ball did and stripped it away.

-Beck in with third team 1st play: Beck hooks up with Michael Malone for a long gain down the sideline, maybe 50 yards, perfect touch on that throw 2nd play: Booker up middle, shows some burst there, not stopped for no gain like he's been on most running plays during camp 3rd play: Pass in flat to FB Kyle Eckel, Beck continues to do a good job leading the man on these throws 4th play: Pass in flat to TE Tim Massaquoi, who makes a nice catch over his head, not Beck's best throw

-Beck in, let's see what he does 1st play: Bomb to P.K. Sam, another perfect pass ... Wow! 2nd play: Beck throws it away. His ability to see the field understandbley isn't what Green's is. Beck also is working with third-team guys. 3rd play: Pass in the flat right through Halterman's hands, had a little juice on it, but a routine play 4th play: False start, not sure who, the team's about 75 yards away 5th play: Beck under pressure, throws it in the dirt

-Green back in, time to make something happen 1st play: Hooks up with Chambers with a wounded duck throw in front of CB Derrick Johnson. The Dolphins CBs past the starters have a long way to go. 2nd play: Pass in flat to Brown, McCune runs him over ... gently. McCune is playing with some serious intensity today 3rd play: Green ends the drill with a nice throw to Az Hakim over the middle, good play

-Next up, 11-on-11 Lemon in 1st play: Dump off to Chambers, pass behind him 2nd play: Check down to Martin, decent gain 3rd play: Play breaks down, Lemon around right end for a 1st down, shows nice speed, like Green did when he played in Washington 4th play: hand off up middle to Brown, hits the hole quickly and looked to be on his way to a nice run, but hard to tell without tackling

-Green in 1st play: Hits Chatman in the flat with a quick throw 2nd play: Goes downfield to Hagan, pass is underthrown, but Lehan fails to come up with the INT 3rd play: Handoff to Mauia ... nothing that time 4th play: Hagan catches an underthrown pass in the end zone against CB Jason Allen, who lost the ball in the air. Green isn't getting much distance on downfield throws.

-Beck is outperforming Green and Lemon by a good margin this morning, if you hadn't noticed.

It seems Beck is really showing off his arm in camp.  However, he tends to throw the ball away a bit too much.  But as he understands the offense more, he'll likely know where to outlet the ball as the play develops and his top options are covered.

Next, here is David Neal with some observations from this morning:

-Don't know how John Beck and Brady Quinn will compare as NFL quarterbacks, but I'll wager my Green Lantern collection that Quinn doesn't throw a deep ball with the accuracy and sigh-inducing aesthetics that Beck does. Thursday morning, the beneficiaries were Michael Malone behind Michael Lehan and P.K. Sam behind Jason Allen and Chris Harrell, both about 40 yards downfield.

-Offensive tackle Anthony Alabi demonstrated the nastiness they want out of him when he blasted a halt to a pass rush stunt by rookie linebacker Abraham Wright. Wright stayed down for a while as if winded, then rose slowly to leave the field for a play.

-From the Summer Rerun Department: another tough day for cornerback Jason Allen. Sometimes, even when Allen seems to have coverage, he doesn't have coverage. Thursday, in addition to the aforementioned scorching by P.K. Sam, he once again couldn't cover Derek Hagan on a deep pattern. Hagan was so far behind Allen down the left sideline that, though Trent Green underthrew Hagan, the receiver still had time to turn and grab the ball off Allen's helmet.

-Speaking of Trent Green, that was one of his few underthrows in team drills. He spent most of the day overdoing it the other way, making receivers leap vainly. Green worked with the second team most of the day while Cleo Lemon took first team snaps. Neither were terribly efficient.

All indications are that Trent Green and Cleo Lemon have both been unimpressive for the most part.  Hopefully, as August goes on, one of them (hopefully Green) can step it up and be the clearcut #1 quarterback.