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Injury Updates

One of the headlines coming out of camp today was the Ted Ginn was practicing with the 1st team offense while Marty Booker rode the bike.  Apparently, Booker was experiencing some soreness in his knee.  However, according to the team's official site, it's nothing serious and he'll be just fine:

Cameron said he'll be fine and that it was just something that has accumulated over training camp.

Doesn't sound like a big deal so there's no need to worry.  

Also, all indications are that the Dolphins fully expect Joey Porter to be ready to go in Washington for the season opener on September 9:

According to Cameron, Porter was in transit on his way back to South Florida and that the surgery "went extremely well and now he'll just be working to rehab and we expect him to be back in time for the opener."

I suspected he'd be ready for the opener from the start and there's no reason to think he won't be.  Good news for sure.

Also, as usual, Andre Goodman, Joe Toledo, and Mike Rosenthal were on the bike as well.  However, Goodman has been rehabbing constantly and, though he might not be ready for week one, he'll likely be back sooner rather than later.