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Tuesday Night Practice Report

Well, practice at Dolphin Stadium just concluded.  Here are some highlights courtesy of Edgar Thompson:

-Warming up before practice with a holding device, K Jay Feely was unbelievable. He nailed three straight 47-yard field goals to the west end of the stadium, followed by 50-yarder and a 55-yarder.

He then switched ends and hit two straight 50-yarders and a 55-yarder. Wow.

Now for 60 yards ... good! The crowd cheers.

-Time for 7-on-8 passing drills.

Green up first, lining up with back-ups. He goes 3-for-3, with a leaping snap by Mauia the highlight.

Lemon up next. Also, working with back-ups. Maybe coaches are getting more reps for players who are going to see the most action.

Goes 4-for-4, ending with a nice completion downfield to TE Doug Rader.

-Fields just nailed a 65-yard punt toward the sidelines. There's a reason the team felt OK letting Donnie Jones go.

-Chris Chambers just beat Will Allen long down the sidelines. Nice throw by Beck.

-Green and Ginn just hook up for a 40-yard TD behind DB Derrick Johnson. Textbook execution.

-CB Kerry Reed just jukes Travis Daniels and Green shows perfect touch for another TD.

-Green in back of the end zone to Hagan, beat Travares Tillman. Nice leaping catch, used his body well to shield Tillman.

Green follows with a bullet to Chambers, who beat Daniels on a slant in the back of the end zone.

-TD. Beck finds Reed on a slant in front of Geoff Pope.

-Green makes up for it with a perfect throw down the sideline to Chambers, over Lehan.

-You just missed one of the throws of the night - Hamdan to Ginn down the sidelines. Hamdan with a perfect throw.

-Third play, Hagan makes the catch of the night. A leaping, stretching snag of Green's pass in front of two defenders.

-Ginn wide open in back of the end zone. The throw is long, but Ginn catches the ball out of bounds and runs into the padded wall behind the end zone like a CF.

Impressive concentration.

-Back to Malone on a short out. Beck has great touch on these throws. He leads the receiver every time and puts the ball right in his hands.

Good stuff from Edgar.  Looks like the offense is coming around and improving every day of practice.  And I can't seem to get enough of hearing about how Beck seems to be progressing in camp.  It'll be very exciting to see him in live game action on Saturday.