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How long for Porter?

That's the question on every Dolphin fans' mind.  When will Joey Porter be ready to go following the arthroscopic knee surgery.

Here's what his agent told the Palm Beach Post:

Porter is expected to miss "a few weeks" after having the knee "cleaned up," the linebacker's agent, Jeff Sperbeck, said in an e-mail to The Post.

A few weeks?  I can live with that.  ESPN says it'll be at least 2 weeks.  They also give us some comments from the Dolphin players:

"He'll be back tomorrow," linebacker Channing Crowder joked after talking by phone with Porter. "He walked right after surgery. He'll be fine. He'll probably get a couple of snaps in the preseason."

"Joey has been fighting through this thing all of camp so far," defensive tackle Vonnie Holliday said. "I think they wanted to go ahead and clear this up and get it over with. I don't think this will be a problem long-term. I think it was just a cleanup job."

You got to love Channing Crowder.  He's just a big, badass goof-ball.  Anyways, it's great to hear Porter was up walking following the procedure earlier today.  All in all, I think he'll miss closer to 4 weeks, tops.  Ben Roethlisberger had this done in the middle of the 2005 season and missed just 3 games.  Most players who have had this done typically miss 3 or 4 weeks at most.  So I'm not too worried about him missing the regular season opener.  Let's all take a deep sigh of relief and move on.

I know I have and I can't wait to see John Beck and Ted Ginn on Saturday night!!