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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Update

Voting for the first half of the top 10 is over.  Here's how the voting turned out for who you wanted to move on in the competition:

  1. Zach Thomas: 18%
  2. Larry Csonka: 17%
  3. Mark Clayton: 16%
  4. Richmond Webb: 13%
  5. Larry Little: 8%
  6. John Offerdahl: 7%
  7. Bob Kuchenberg: 6%
  8. Sam Madison: 5%
  9. Patrick Surtain: 5%
  10. Dick Anderson: 4%
Therefore, moving into the top 10 are Thomas, Csonka, Clayton, Webb, and Little.  The others are booted.

Voting for the 2nd half is now up.  Upon completion of this round, we will move into the top 10 all-time favorite Dolphins, narrowing that list to 5.

And remember, from this point on, you are voting for who you want to move on...not who get's eliminated.