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Joey Porter Gets Scoped

Ask and you shall receive.  I was hoping to hear news on Joey Porter, and the Palm Beach Post has delivered:

Dolphins linebacker Joey Porter, who has an injured right knee, underwent arthroscopic surgery this morning in Birmingham, Ala., coach Cam Cameron said.

Cameron had no specifics but said Porter is "not hurt badly." The coach said he would provide more specifics later.

So he's likely out 2-4 weeks.  Now, Porter has a good history of recovering from surgery quickly andh as undergone this procedure before so he knows what to expect when recovering.  The article says the Dolphins hope to have him ready for the season opener.  I'm going to go so far as to say Joey Porter WILL be ready for the opener.  It's likely he's ready to practice by Labor Day.  But either way, he'll be out there in Washington.