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Joey Porter/Channing Crowder Update

Well, PFT was wrong...for now.  Joey Porter has not undergone arthroscopic knee surgery.  Instead, he's actually in Alabama visiting Dr. James Andrews.  What this means is that he does indeed have "something" bothering him that's a bit more serious than just a day-to-day thing.  What I'm worried about is that if he ends up having to undergo the scope, he could end up missing regular-season games if he puts it off for too long.  I think that if Porter needs the procedure, then do it now so he will be ready for week one in Washington.  Cameron said that he hopes to know more later today.  And so do all of us fans!

**UPDATE**: The Miami Herald is also reporting that Porter has gone to see Andrews. Also, it does seem that a scope is a possibility. However, here are Zach Thomas's thoughts on how long it takes to recover from that type of prodecure:

I don't know what he got diagnosed with, but, even myself, I've been in training camp and got a `scope' and came back, 10 [days], two weeks later,'' Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas said. ``I'd like for him to be here now, but, to be honest with you, the season's much more important. We know that it's good that he's taking care of that now instead of waiting until the fourth or fifth game, then he'll have to miss three or four games.''

This further strengthens my position that Porter should get this done ASAP if he needs it so that he can be back in time for the regular season. If he heas it this week, I'd be very confident in saying he'll be back by the opener.

In his press conference after the morning practice, when asked about Crowder leaving the field, Cameron quickly said Channing isn't hurt and moved on without any other mention. That led to some fans questioning what could have happened then for Crowder to leave the field so suddenly. Well, in his blog, under the comments section, Omar Kelly reports that Crowder isn't hurt. Rather, he was kicked out of practice. Later, he reports that Crowder was kicked out of the morning practice but is back for the afternoon session. And speaking of the afternoon session, it's in the bubble, so practice reports will be coming out slowly. I'll also be a bit busy and will post the reports a little later on tonight.

Omar Kelly, in the comments of his blog, says that Channing was kicked out of practice for getting in a shouting match with one of the coaches. It isn't known for sure which coach. Either way, he's out there as we speak and we can all rest easy...until we hear about Porter, that is.