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Monday Morning Practice Report

Well it's back to two-a-days for the Dolphins.  Here is the first report of today's morning practice and it comes courtesy of Ben Volin:

-A Dolphins representative said an internet report about Joey Porter's right knee was "premature." The site profootballtalk reported yesterday that Porter already had his knee scoped, but the Dolphins are saying they are still evaluating the knee. PFT just posted an updated report with the same information.

-Fields just boomed one about 70 yards, well over Booker's head. The guy has plenty of leg.

-Nice speed around the edge by L. Booker, though a CB would've stepped up on the play. Chatman takes the next play around the other edge, also a nice game. Both RBs are having a good camp.

-Deep fade from Green to Sutton down the right sideline, and the 6-6 Sutton makes a great fingertip grab over 5-11 Derrick Johnson and drags both feet in-bounds. Sutton's height definitely works in his favor.

-Ginn had three steps on Derrick Johnson on a fly pattern, but Green's throw landed just out of his reach.

-11-on-11. Donnie Spragan is playing in Porter's left OLB spot.

-First play, Renaldo Hill blitzes around the right corner, past Vernon Carey. Green gets the throw off just in time, but Travis Daniels makes a nice play in single coverage over Chris Chambers.

-Second team offense and defense in now. First play, Lemon avoids the rush, rolls right, and hits Ginn streaking across the middle five yards in front of the line. Ginn catches it in stride and takes it up-field for about 15 yards.

-Interesting blitzes, with the pressure mostly coming from the corners. These DB blitzes can produce big plays -- for either team.

-Good read by Beck, finding TE Courtney Anderson on a quick out under pressure.

-Derrick Pope is playing ROLB with the first team and not Channing Crowder. Trying to find him on the sideline ...

-They're mixing up the personnel for first-team and second-team offense. Green just handed off an end-around to Ginn, and he picks up about 8 yards

-Beck and the third team offense in against the first-team defense. Not getting much.

-Green rolls out right and fires a nice pass to Marty Booker on the sideline for a 10-yard gain.

-The line combo to end the practice had Chris Liwienski at RT, Mormino at RG, Satale at C, Hadnot at LG and Carey at LT. This is the first time Ive seen Liwienski and Hadnot line up at those positions during camp.

Interesting line combo out there today.  I guess they really are trying out various players at various positions.  Back with more as I find it.

**UPDATE**: Here's another report. This one is from Omar Kelly:

-There's a Pro Football Talk report (or rumor) that Joey Porter has already had arthroscopic surgery on his troublesome right knee. The team has not confirmed that, but I'm pretty sure a scope either has been done, or WILL be done. It makes no sense to have a high priced linebacker (plenty of running related for that position) limping around with a knee injury before the preseason starts and not fix it. Especially when he's truly not needed until Sept. 9 for the season-opener against Washington.

-Anthony Alabi hurt his left knee on the first play of 9-on-7 and it doesn't look good. Good thing it's not his right knee, which is the one that forced him to miss this summer's mini-camps. This drill started out pretty physical and the intensity actually picked up significantly. L.J. Shelton replaced Alabi and Julius Wilson, a rookie free agent, is the backup at left tackle.

-On the other side of the field David Sutton just made a dynamic catch over Derrick Johnson on a pass from Trent Green during one-on-one drills.

-Kerry Reed got behind Shirdonya Mitchell on a pass from Cleo Lemon.

I wonder what happened with Alabi. The report by Ben Volin made no mention to Alabi getting hurt. Guess we'll have to wait to hear from Cameron.