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Some Light on the OL Depth Chart

So far in camp, we've all been wondering why Anthony Alabi and Drew Mormino were lining up with the first team while Rex Hadnot and L.J. Shelton were with the second team.  Thanks to a reader who pointed an article out to me, we may have our answer as to why.  The article was on the team's official site.  Here's the interesting blurb:

Cameron said a tentative depth chart will be put out Monday, but it's not set in stone. However, one way a player can help his cause is by knowing the playbook inside and out, and that's exactly what right tackle Anthony Alabi did.

Each offensive player is given a test at the beginning of training camp and they are timed. The offensive linemen have 12 minutes to finish and the skill players have 24 minutes, and Alabi got a perfect score of 100, which is why he has been given the chance to work with the first team. Cameron said another test will be given at the beginning of the second week and four minutes is trimmed off of the time allotted.

Alright, so at least we know Alabi knows the playbook.  But most reports have claimed that he looks slow and out of shape.  As for Mormino, could a rookie really have scored better than Rex Hadnot?  Possibly.  But I don't think it's likely.  What I do think is likely is that Hadnot and Shelton will be working with the first team sooner rather than later.  

Also, it'll be interesting to see this "tentative depth chart" that Cameron plans on releasing tomorrow.  I'm sure that will give us all something to discuss for a while leading up to the team's first preseason game on Saturday.