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Saturday Practice Report

Well only one practice today followed by a day off tomorrow.  Here are some observations courtesy of Edgar Thompson:

- LB Joey Porter, SS Yeremiah Bell and TE David Martin won't be involved. Each player is in shorts.

It's the second practice Porter has missed; will have to get the scoop after practice from Cameron. Bell said earlier he landed hard on his left hip Friday night, but is OK.

He hopes to be back Monday.

-DB Jason Allen just gives up a sideline catch to David Sutton. It looked like Allen was there, just stopped on the play. He's having a tough camp.

-During a red-zone offensive drill, rookie Ted Ginn Jr. beats back-up CB Michael Lehan on a fade route and drops a perect throw by Trent Green.

Ginn hangs his head for a moment, but Green pats him on the shoulder. It's one of the few drops Ginn has had during camp. Can't remember one, honestly.

-Cleo Lemon finds Ronnie Brown for a nice pass in the middle. Brown seems to find the soft spots in the defense well and has sure hands.

-CB Travis Daniels picks off a Lemon "duck" on the final play, making up for a drop on the first play of the drill. Lemon looks shaky in this drill.

-Rookie WR Michael Malone and Green hook up on a nice crossing route. Green also connects with rookie Kerry Reed across the middle.

Green has nice touch and accuracy on crossing routes - a staple of Cameron's scheme.

-Brown continues to excel in the short passing game.

-John Beck makes a perfect throw downfield between the CB and S on the sidelines, but rookie David Sutton drops it. Sutton, who had six catches in two seasons at UTEP, has been a big surprise. But a play like that makes a spot on the practice squad more likely for him.

-Lemon makes his best play of the day, finding Chambers deep between Allen and S Cameron Worrell. Nice diving catch by Chambers.

-Up next 1st team O vs. 2nd team D 1st play: Brown around left end for a TD untouched. 2nd play: Brown around right end, Lehan fails to support the run. 3rd play: Brown again. TD. 4th play: Brown hits the hole quickly and scores. Brown looks quicker today than he's looked all camp.

-Brown had his best practice to date

-The QBs were a little hot and cold, but Green looked the sharpest.

-Daniels looks good. He's around the ball a lot and might end up more than a fill-in for Goodman.

Good stuff.  The offense seems to be coming around.  As always, the defense started out camp ahead of the offense.  But you can see the continuity beginning with this offense.  Needless to say, I'm getting excited.

Also, I'll be interested in hearing why Porter has missed 2 straight practices.  Good news about Bell, though, as he hopes to be back for Monday.  Even if he isn't, this injury clearly isn't anything to worry about long-term (as in regular season) so it's no big deal to me.

Also, if I find any more reports, I'll be sure to post them.