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Preseason Game #4 Open Thread: Dolphins at Saints

Miami Dolphins (2-1) at New Orleans Saints (2-2)
Thursday, August 30
8:00 pm EST
The Superdome
Line: Dolphins -1.5, Over/Under 38

Well here we are. It's the final preseason game. After tonight, the next time our beloved Dolphins hit the field, it will be the regular season opener. I don't know about any of you, but I can hardly wait.

Of course, that doesn't exactly mean this game is meaningless. I explained in my post earlier today that for some of these guys, this is the most important game they'll ever play. Now, since I'm sure there are some that don't really care who Miami's backups will be, there's still another reason to watch tonight. Even though Armando Salguero is reporting that he doesn't think that any of the starters will play tonight, there's still one HUGE reason why all Dolphin fans should be paying close attention to this game. That reason is John Beck, who is likely to play at least a half and possibly 3 quarters. Tonight, we can all turn our attention to the future and simply sit back and enjoy watching this kid throw his seemingly effortless passes. Sure, it may be against some of the Saints' scrubs, but who cares? John doesn't. He had this to say: "It's my chance to play. I don't know when I'm going to play again."

So let's all enjoy tonight; enjoy watching this kid who has all the potential in the world get a decent amount of playing time. Let's see how he handles different game situations. Oh, and let's hope for no injuries to anyone on the field tonight!

Reminder: Like I said in a post on Tuesday, I will be in Cleveland from Friday until late Sunday for a wedding. While I'm there, I'll be sure to tell as many Browns fans as I can how I feel about Brady Quinn. I'll also see about picking up my very own Quinn jersey....which I can then burn as a sign of my loyalty to the Miami Dolphins. Anyways, that means I will be leaving the next few days up to all you guys out there. Be sure to make comments or post diaries giving your thoughts on anything Dolphins; from tonight's game to Saturday's cuts to anything else on your mind. Then, once I get back, it's full speed ahead as we dive into the regular season with our season predictions as well as beginning our look at Miami's first regular season game against the Redskins. These are exciting times around here so be sure to check back in with us frequently.


Update [2007-8-30 23:15:30 by Matty I]: Dolphins close out the preseason with an ugly 7-0 loss. But who cares? Time to look forward to the regular season opener in just over a week!! As for me, it's time to hit the sheets and get ready for my trip to Cleveland. See you all in a few days! Have a safe Labor Day weekend, all!