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Friday Night Practice Report

Here are some observations courtesy of Ben Volin:

-Booker just caught a bullet out of the backfield from Hamdan. Nice hands.

-Ronnie bounces outside, jukes Yeremiah Bell and turns a no gain into a 5 yard gain.

-Ronnie is working on all outside runs. He's being met at the line every time.

-Ginn is lining up as a second-team WR.

-First-team offense, second-team defense. Schelsinger "jacked up" Michael Lehan, but Lehan stuck with the play and brought down Ronnie.

-Green rolls right and hits Chambers for 15 yards. A Dolphins staffer says it's the best throw from Green he's seen all training camp.

-Beautiful tight throw from Green to Chambers, threading it just past Will Allen's outstretched hands.

-Green swing pass to Ronnie on the right sideline, he runs 30 yards before a DB is even in the same zip code.

-Cleo rolls away from pressure, dumps off to Booker. Booker burns right past Donnie Spragan for 20 yards.

-Green's first pass goes to Chambers at the back of the end zone, but Yeremiah Bell comes flying out of nowhere to deflect it away. Bell collides with Travis Daniels on the play, stays down for a minute, and now is on the sideline as Travares Tillman takes his place.

-Beautiful grab by Hagan on a fade route in the back of the end zone for a touchdown. Jason Allen victimized again.

-Hand off to Ronnie up the middle ... he breaks one tackle ... two tackles ... touchdown!

-Another touchdown for Ronnie, this time on a 14-yard run. The defenders aren't wrapping up, but they aren't trying to hit Ronnie too hard.

-Second team offense goes first. Deep ball up the left sideline, Cleo underthrows it but Hagan makes a nice adjustment to get the ball over Travis Daniels. Chains have been moved.

-Can't find Yeremiah Bell out here. No media access tonight, so we'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if he's hurt.

-Channing Crowder probably wishes he didn't try to arm tackle L. Booker, who runs right past him.

-Zach Thomas chases down L. Booker from behind and brings him down. Not easy to do.

-Green to a wide-open Chambers over the middle, he stiff arms a defender and sprints 50 yards to the end zone.

-Trent 20-yard touchdown pass to a wide-open Marty Booker. Defending on the play ... Jason Allen.

It seems Jason Allen is continuing to struggle.  But I'll reserve judgement on him, as he's still adjusting to the switch the corner.  Also, I'll be hoping that Yeremiah Bell's injury is nothing serious.  But we'll have to wait to tomorrow afternoon to know for sure.

**UPDATE**: Here's a report from the Sun-Sentinel:

-Projected starting quarterback Trent Green dominated the evening session, hitting wide receivers Chris Chambers and Marty Booker on several passes, including three for touchdowns.

Green drilled two straight passes in traffic to Chambers. He then hit a wide-open running back Ronnie Brown in the flats for an easy TD. Green and Chambers hooked up on a crossing pattern for another TD toward the end of practice. Booker found the seam in the middle and hauled in a Green strike for a 20-yard TD.

-LB Joey Porter didn't participate in the evening session. Coach Cam Cameron has explained that he will occasionally rest veterans to keep them fresh.

-There was a scary collision in the evening practice between CB Travis Daniels and S Yeremiah Bell as they fought for an interception of a dart thrown by QB Trent Green. Bell took the brunt of the collision and hobbled off the field. He didn't return and was replaced by Travares Tillman.

Right now, I just hope that Bell is fine. I've read some observations from other Dolphin fans attending the practice and they claim that Bell really got hit hard and was rolling on the ground for a minute before jogging back to the locker room with a noticable limp. I'm hoping it's just a minor foot sprain and nothing with a knee. We'll just have to wait and see.