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All-Time Favorite Dolphin Update

OK. The voting for the 2 final spots is over. Based on your voting, both Patrick Surtain and Sam Madison remain in the top 20 and Nat Moore and Manny Fernandez are booted. So here are the players you all voted as the top 20 most popular Dolphins of all-time (in no particular order):

Larry Csonka Richmond Webb Larry Little Jason Taylor
Mark Clayton Zach Thomas Dan Marino Bob Griese
O.J. McDuffie Mark Duper Paul Warfield Mercury Morris
Dwight Stephenson Jake Scott Nick Buoniconti John Offerdahl
Sam Madison Patrick Surtain Bob Kuchenberg Dick Anderson

As you can see to the left, voting for this round has begun. What I've done is divided the group of 20 into 2 groups of 10, based on votes. What you will do is vote for up to 5 players based on who you want to be IN the top 10 all-time favorite Dolphins. This poll will stay up for about 5 days. Then I'll put the other group of 10 up which you will vote on to get down to 5.

So remember, from this point on, you are voting for players who want to STAY IN the competition!