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Friday Morning Practice Reports

Here are some reports from today's early camp session.  

First up is the report of Greg Bedard:

-Ginn has been very solid on his punt catches. He's field a couple tough ones with ease;

-The third-teamers are now running 7-on-7, with John Beck at the controls. A strike to Ted Ginn on the first pass, then a drop by Tim Massaquoi on the second. Beck hit David Sutton on the next, but did so throwing off his back foot a little. The first-teamers would have picked that off;

-Drop by Reagan Mauia followed by a nice read by Beck on a quick pass to Ray Perkins;

Apparently, there wasn't much to report today, as a lot of the focus was on special teams.  As I find more reports, though, I'll post them.  And remember, tonight's practice session starts at 7:00 EDT.

**UPDATE**: This morning report comes from Kevin Clark:

-Ted Ginn Jr. and Marty Booker took the bulk of the punts, and the wildcards in the punt-return mix included cornerback Travis Daniels and kicker Jay Feely, comically enough. Brandon Fields and Ryan Flinn punted. Flinn is getting more action now than he did in rookie camp.

-Quarterback John Beck hit tight end Aaron Halterman on the flat for a nice pass, but the accuracy and arm strength he has shown in the past few days seemed to not be there today. Ginn had a few yards on the entire defense when Beck threw behind him. Wide receiver Kerry Reed dropped a pass but looked confused; it wasn't clear who was at fault.

-The best pass of the day was Beck to wide receiver David Sutton in between linebacker Kelvin Smith and cornerback Tuff Harris. A quick, accurate strike in traffic.