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Chambers not likely to be dealt

The Herald's Jeff Darlington is reporting that, though the Dolphins did gauge what kind of interest there would be in Chris Chambers league-wide, the Dolphins have no "imminent" plans to trade Chambers.  Darlington also says that Chris is not in danger of being cut, either, despite his large cap number.

Darlington goes on to say that it's that high salary of $7.3 million that will likely be the reason Chambers is still a Dolphin, as any team dealing for Chambers would have to pick up that salary.  And let's not forget that he still has that DWI case pending, which is another reason teams would be unlikely to trade for Chris.

So, as I suspected, Chambers is going to remain a Dolphin in 2007.  And the way I see it, 2007 is going to be Chris's make or break season.  If he fails to be productive again, there's a very real chance he isn't a Dolphin in 2008.