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Chambers being shopped?

Adam Schefter of the NFL Network is reporting that Chris Chambers has come up recently in trade talks around the league.  And if Adam Schefter says it, it must be true.  There isn't a guy in the media who is more accurate than Schefter.  So I do believe the Dolphins are apparently dangling Chambers.

So what could this mean?  I think the most obvious thing is that it means the Dolphins are pretty high on Ted Ginn and Derek Hagan.  Hypothetically, if Chambers were dealt, it would be Ginn starting with Marty Booker.  So if the Dolphins are indeed shopping Chris, then I'd suspect the coaching staff really likes the progress Ginn is making at the receiver position.  

So the question then would be: what would they get back?  Rotoworld believes Chambers could return a third round pick to the Dolphins.  I personally would be surprised if they could even get that much value for Chambers.  I don't think his value has ever been as low as it is right now.  Coming off of a very good 2005 season, Chris had a very disappointing season last year.  So I'd be shocked if the Dolphins could get anything better than a 2nd day draft pick.  If I had to make a prediction, I'd say it's much more likely Chris is still a Dolphin in 2007.  But it's something to monitor nonetheless.

Also, the Dolphins have reportedly signed linebacker Jorge Cordova, this according to KFFL.  Cordova was recently cut by the Jaguars.  He's a pass-rushing linebacker who missed all of the 2004 and 2005 seasons, his first two in the league, with injuries.  Last year, he saw action in 13 games, making 8 tackles.  He's mostly a special teams player and, if he shows he can be of value as part of the coverage units, he could find a roster spot.  But I wouldn't bet on it.