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Notes: Roster correction; Phinsider update

The south Florida media reports about the Dolphins having to cut one more player to get to the maximum of 75 were incorrect yesterday.  Because Marvin Allen was allocated to them from NFL Europa, he doesn't count against the roster total.  Therefore, they are down to 75 players and don't need to cut anyone else until Saturday by 6 pm EST.  

And speaking of this weekend, I will be in Cleveland for a wedding from Friday morning until I get back late Sunday evening.  That's right, Brady Quinn country.  I'll be sure to pick up my Brady Quinn jersey as soon as I I can burn it when I return homw.  Anyways, I obviously won't be able to post anything for those 3 days.  So it will be up to you guys, the readers, to post your thoughts from Thursday night's preseason game as well as thoughts on the cuts that will be made following that game.  Then, when I get back, it will be full speed ahead into the regular season.  I'll have season predictions and then move into our look at the regular season opener against Washington.  It's surely going to be an exciting time and I hope you all check in frequently with your thoughts.