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Notes: Dolphins make cuts; Porter returns to practice

There was certainly some good news today out of Miami as Joey Porter returned to practice.  He participated in one-on-one and 7-on-7 drills today, running on the knee he had surgery on almost 3 weeks ago.  It all but seems certain now that Porter will be ready to go for the opener September 9 in Washington.  And now he shouldn't have any problem picking up the defense, seeing as he has 2 weeks to practice.  What isn't known right now is if Porter will see a series or two on Thursday night in the preseason finale.  Cam said he's likely to sit his starters, but does that include Porter?  We'll find out soon enough.  Here's what Porter said today about his progress:

"It feels good for my first day out there trying to do some football work. I think this far after the surgery, not being that far out, I feel pretty good as far as the process we're at right now in getting healthy. I'm ahead of the schedule right now of where I want to be."

Porter is continuing to prove he's a fast healer.  Currently, Cam is calling Porter "day to day."

The other news today is that the Dolphins have made their first round of cuts, trimming the roster to 76.  Now, they have until 4 pm tomorrow to cut one more, as they must trim down to 75.

Here's who is gone: kicker Matt Prater, punter Ryan Flinn, receiver David Sutton, tight end Jason Rader, running back Ray Perkins, defensive tackle Kevin Vickerson, cornerback Shirdonya Mitchell and safeties Christopher Vedder and Chris Harrell.

These cuts clear up two position battles.  First, Jey Feely is the team's kicker.  It was obvious the whole time, but now it's official.  Second, rookie Brandon Fields will be this team's punter.  Again, not a big surprise as he received a majority of the work in the preseason and has a booming, Reggie Roby-like leg.

Cam did say that some of the players released would be considered for the practice squad.  Personally, I'm hoping David Sutton makes it onto the practice squad.  I also think that Ray Perkins may be a practice squad candidate.

By Saturday, we'll know who makes the 53 man squad, as that is the NFL's imposed deasdline.