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Joey Porter Injury Update

The Sun-Sentinel is reporting that Joey Porter believes his recovery is ahead of schedule, but he will still be careful and not rush himself back onto the field.  With that said, his goal is still to be on the field September 9 in Washington and he's confident that he'll meet his goal as long as he doesn't push himself to get back on the practice field too soon.  Here's what Porter himself said:

"I feel like I'm a fast healer. That's a good thing. The natural competitor in me makes me want to get out there. But I have to think about the big picture. It's still preseason. It's still training camp. If it's Week 6, Week 7 [into the season], you'll normally tend to push yourself earlier so you won't miss any games."

"I feel good. The range of motion is there. I've been working on it pretty good, getting my strength back in it. It's a process. Some days you feel better than you think you are. But I have to realize it's only been two weeks since I had surgery."

That's certainly some positive news to start out this weekend.  From all indications, including Porter's past recovery history, it seems as though Porter will certainly be out there for week one.  However, the important thing is that when he is out there, he's 100% and not pushing himself back too quickly.  The early part of the schedule is quite a bit easier than the second half of it.  I'd rather have a 90% Porter sit out the first week, or even two if needed, so that he's 100% for the rest of the season rather than Porter rushing himself back and getting reinjured later in the season.  The good thing is that I think Joey realizes this and I don't think he'll rush himself back.  

As anxious as we all are to see this entire defense together for the first time, we need to look at the big picture and just have patience.