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Ask The Phinsider

Time to get to a few more of the e-mails that have trickled in.

As a long suffering FINS FAN (1970) My question is:  Is there any chance that Beck will start the season if he outperforms Green  by a wide margin ?

Well now we know this answer.  But to be fair, the question was sent in prior to Cam declaring Green the starter.  So for argument's sake, let's change the question to if there's any chance John Beck will start at some point during the season.  And at this point, I'd say there is a chance, though it is a slim one.

I pointed out in a post yesterday about how Cam has used his young QBs.  And to sum it up, he certainly doesn't rush them.  Philip Rivers and Drew Brees both didn't start any games in their rookie year.  So that leads me to believe that it isn't likely Beck gets a start this year, either.

But I do think there could be a scenario that arises in which Beck gets a chance to start later in the season.  That scenario would start out with Trent Green, for whatever reason (injury or poor play) being benched by, say, week 10 or 11.  Then Cleo Lemon comes in for a couple of games and doesn't play much better.  So, with the Dolphins sitting with no shot at the playoffs come week 16 using my little scenario here, I think there would be a very good chance we see Beck possibly start the final two games.  Now, you may be thinking that this scenario is pretty outlandish, and it is.  But that's the point because that is what it will take for us to see Beck get a shot at starting a game in 2007.

Wayne Huizenga has said he doesn't believe this year is a rebuilding year.  What do you think?  Is it?

Well nobody likes to throw around the term "rebuilding."  Especially with the defense at the point it is at with the older veteran leaders, the Dolphins really don't want to throw around the term "rebuilding."  Retooling?  Maybe.  Not rebuilding.

With that said, there's obviously reason to think that this team is rebuilding.  And if they were, I wouldn't have a problem with it, except for the fact that they should have been rebuilding for at least 2 years already under Nick Saban.  But that's water under the bridge at this point.

So are they rebuilding?  It's hard to say.  From the drafting of Ted Ginn and John Beck, you'd think they are.  But from the acquisitions of Trent Green and Joey Porter, you'd think they aren't.  The bottom line here, though, is that it really doesn't matter.  "Rebuilding" is just a word.  If the players and coaching staff feel that they are not rebuilding, then I'll buy that.  And here's what Wayne has said regarding how Cam feels on the subject:

"That's not the way the coach is talking to me," Huizenga said. "He doesn't tell me it's a rebuilding year. He's not telling me we're going all the way. But he doesn't want to hear that talk about rebuilding."

"We have a great defense. The offensive line, in his mind, is improving greatly. He's working on the basics with a lot of guys here. This preseason has been about blocking and tackling. And once you get all that stuff done, we can take it to the next step. I have a lot of confidence in him."

That's good enough for me.

What's going on with David Sutton?  We heard a lot of talk about how impressive he was in camp...then nothing.  What gives?  Does he have a shot at the #5 receiver spot?

Ah yes, David Sutton.  He had so much hype entering camp and even reportedly made some good plays in camp.  But in the preseason games, he's been non-existant.  So what's his deal?  Simple.  They guy was a product of media-created hype.  Everyone loves his size (6'6) and good speed.  So the media, when covering the practice sessions, paid close attention to him and made sure to report good things when he had a good day.  What they fail to realize is that he was doing all this against the team's 3rd string defense.  And if this team's starting secondary is a question mark, you can imagine how poor the third team secondary is.  So yes, a physical freak could have a few nice days.

But the bottom line here is that he is raw and is likely destined for a spot on the practice squad.  But don't give up hope on him.  He's got seemingly unlimited potential.  It just won't be coming together this year.  But when that day come and his talent and skill level reach his potential, Sutton could be a scary receiver for defenses to gameplan for.

If this team is only using 20% of its offense in the preseason like Cam has said, then why should I even watch the preseason games?  Is there a point?

Yes, there's a point.  When Cam said that they are only using a certain amount of their offense, that doesn't mean these snaps are meaningless.  What it does mean is not to judge the skill position guys too quickly based on these performances.  They aren't using shifts and motions nor are they gameplaning.  So the offense is very plain and basic.  Instead, pay attention to the little things that are still very important.  The first thing that comes to mind is the offensive line.  Watch how they pass protect.  Are they giving the QB enough time?  Does he have room to step up in the pocket?  Also watch how they run block.  Are they opening up rushing lanes?  Is one side of the line getting more of a push than another?  These kinds of things are important regardless of the offense the team runs.  Other things to watch for as well include the accuracy and strength of the QB's throws and how well the receivers (especially Chambers) are catching the ball.  Again, these are things that will not change regardless of how innovative the offense is or isn't.