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As if we all didn't already see this coming, but it's now official.  Trent Green is this team's starting quarterback, as Cam Cameron has mande the annoucement following a sit-down chat with the QBs last night.  It's not really surprising, though, despite the fact that some really thought Cleo Lemon had a shot.

Here are some quotes by Cam:

"We're at the point where we need to starting putting this offense together. The No. 1 thing this offense needs is leadership. Trent brings that, as we know."

"He'll be a lot better. We can't wait any longer to develop that chemistry in the passing game."

"The only way to get better is to be with your group of guys."

I guess that it's good that he didn't wait to make it official, as now Trent can get all his reps in practice with the first team.  It's also good that he'll be with the first team from this point on as they begin to spice up the offense in preperation for the regular season.  Cam's offense is a very innovative one, but it also a complex one.  So all the time Trent gets with his teammates now is crucial.