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Thursday Morning Practice Reports

The first of two practices today is now complete.  Here are some onservations.

First up is Ben Volin:

-Position drills time. RG Mormino and RT Alabi continue to line up with the first-teamers, with Hadnot and Shelton on the second team. Cleo Lemon lines up with the second team, John Beck with the third.

-David Martin stands up Jason Taylor in a one-on-one drill. Nice blocking by the TE, known as a better blocker than pass-catcher.

-Cleo throws a beautiful sideline ball. Throws four perfectly-placed balls in a row, hitting the receiver in stride just inside the white line. Nice fingertip grab by Ginn.

-Feely moves back five yards with every kick. He's 8-for-8, nailing 40+ yarders with ease.

-First team in for the drills. Ronnie Brown runs right, stuffed at the line by a group of Dolphins. Next play is also a handoff, and Brown squeezes through the left side.

-Nice cutback by Ronnie, breaks one open up the middle.

-Green drops back, throws left to Ginn, Ginn catches it ... and Travis Daniels rips it clean out of his hands for an interception.

-Highlight reel grab by David Martin over the middle, catching a quick post with his fingertips while wearing Yeremiah Bell on his back.

-Cleo at the helm, Dolphins running five-WR sets. Lemon zips one to Ginn on a nice comeback route.

-Two passes later, on third-and-10, Green zips one to Hagan on the left side for 14 yards.

-Cleo finds Ronnie out of the backfield, though he is quickly brought down by Yeremiah Bell. Remember how many passes Ladainian Tomlinson caught in Cam Cameron's offense, including 100 catches in 2003? Expect to see Ronnie be much more active in the passing game this season.

-Beck finds Booker out of the backfield for 15 yards on third-and-10. Booker is everywhere you want to be.

-Trent pumps right once ... twice ... then finds Michael Malone over the middle. Good check-down.

-Run up the gut to Schlesinger. Lions fans loved this guy, a human battering ram with good hands. He'll be Ronnie's best friend this year.

-Nice dump-off by Trent to Ronnie as he's being chased outside the pocket. Green looks much better than he did earlier this week.

The offense seems to be improving ever so slowly.  And I think it will continue to as Trent Green becomes more accustomed to the offense and the receivers.

More updates as I find them.

**UPDATE**: Here are some observations from Omar Kelly:

-On the other side of the field Trent Green threw his first pick of the morning practice to Travis Daniels on a pass intended for Ted Ginn Jr. during one-on-one drills.

-The team has moved onto team drills and David Martin made a nice falling catch on a pass from Green he initially bobbled.

-Cleo Lemon's at the wheel today and he doesn't look sharp. He threw a lateral pass that missed his target, leading to a fumble, then overthrew Ginn on a deep pass. He's finally warming up, throwing two straight completions. Tight end David Martin is having a productive day.

-John Beck isn't getting much work this morning. It's mostly Green and Lemon.

-Derrick Hagan just made a nice 15-yard sideline catch during 9-on-9. Daniels was all over Hagan but Green put it into a tight window.

-Green just corraled a high snap, read the field and needled a 20-yard completion to Michael Malone on a slant route. Malone had to leap in the air to get it right between Mr. Mitchell and S Christopher Vedder.