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Cam clarifies his statement

Following practice on Saturday, Cam Cameron clarified what he meant when he made comments about the team's kickoff return team following Thursday night's game.  Here's what he said on Saturday:

"Maybe it got looked at as something permanent, but those would be the guys returning the kicks for that game, and Ted was going to return punts for the duration of the game."

Cam also said that he's still unsure on who will handle the kick returns in next week's game against Tampa Bay.  

Here's my take.  I like Cam and all and I think he's going to be exactly what this franchise needs.  In fact, Cam was the coach I wanted all along as soon as Nick Saban's departure became official.  But I think that Cam isn't so much clarifying his statement as he is backing off his statement, probably because he finally came to his senses.  It's hard to believe that he would need to "clarify" the fact that he responded to a question about Jesse Chatman and Ronnie Brown by saying, "That'll probably be our return unit."  A statement like that doesn't exactly need clarification.  It seems pretty straight-forward.  

Instead, maybe Cam came over to this very site and saw his "approval rating" just plummet following the news that Ronnie could very well be the team's return man.  Maybe he heard the outcry of Dolphin fans everywhere worrying about the risk involved in subjecting the team's best offensive player to the physicality of being a return man.  Who knows?  What's important is that Cam is backing off the statement.  

Here's to hoping Ronnie never has to handle a kick return ever again.