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Sunday Preactice Report

It's the final practice that's open to the public and it was apparently pretty light, mostly focusing on special teams.  Here are some thoughts from Ben Volin:

-Rex Hadnot didn't participate much in practice and seemed to be favoring his left ankle/foot. He said in the locker room that he was fine, but he was trying to hide his limp as he walked. Marquay Love carried Hadnot's helmet after practice, but that could've just been rookie hazing.

-Brandon Fields hit the bubble ceiling several times with his booming punts.

-TE Courtney Anderson had a great one-handed catch Thursday against KC, but had an equally bad drop Sunday. Beck's pass literally went right through his hands.

-Ronnie, Ginn, Chatman, L. Booker, Cobbs and Hagan all returned kickoffs.

Not too much to really chew on here.  

Here's one more report, courtesy of Kevin Clark:

-Kick-off returns were the major point of emphasis today. Wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr. and running backs Ronnie Brown, Lorenzo Booker and Patrick Cobbs took the kicks, although the drills focused more on the tackling and blocking schemes than the running. Booker, who normally looks more comfortable returning kicks rather than punts, muffed an easy kick.

-When the pocket collapsed on one passing play, Beck showed decent scrambling ability under pressure, evading all defenders until after a gain of a few yards.

-Tight end Courtney Anderson dropped an easy pass down the left sideline from Hamdan. In the span of the next four plays, Anderson made up for it with two catches of the middle caught without incident.

Again, not too much going on.  

Back in a few with a new community projections thread.