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Saturday Practice Report

Well after this, there is only one more time we'll get these reports.  After tomorrow, practice is closed to the public.  Heartbreaking, I know.

Well here are some observations from Edgar Thompson:

-LB Joey Porter is doing a couple of low-key agility drills - a good sign less than two weeks removed from arthroscopic surgery on his right knee. That's it for him.

Rookie LB Kelvin Smith is hanging out with Porter, resting his sprained ankle. Fellow rookie backer Abe Wright is out there after leaving Thursday's game with severe leg cramps.

-Rookie P Brandon Fields has pretty amazing control of the ball.

Practicing short punts from one side of the end zone to the other one, 53 yards and change, Fields can consistently punt it from one line to the other line with excellent hang time and within a yard or two of his target.

Once Fields gets more comfortable handling snaps in game situations, he's going to be something.

-First team remains the same: LT Vernon Carey, LG Chris Liwienski, C Samson Satele, RG Rex Hadnot, RT Anthony Alabi.

-Next play, Green makes a poor throw to the sideline to TE David Martin, broken up by R. Hill. The ball had nothing on it.

-Green bounces back with a nice throw in the flat to Marty Booker.

-Lemon finds Az Hakim on a short out, followed by a draw to Cobbs who gains a couple of yards at most.

-Beck in. 1st play: Dump-off to RB Ray Perkins. 2nd play: In pattern to Hakim, who makes a nice move on CB Derrick Johnson to get open. 3rd play: Tries to three one down the middle to Chris Chambers in the end zone, S Travis Huff knocks it down around the 5. Not a good decision or throw by Beck. 4th play: Hits Halterman on an out.

-9-on-9, ones vs. ones. Green in. Chatman lining up behind him again. 1st play: Short pass in the middle to Chatman who has a step on Zach Thomas. 2nd play: Sails ball over Booker. 3rd play: Intermediate out to D Martin, who makes the catch away from his body, a little shaky there. 4th play: Sideline throw to Ginn, leaping INT by Lehan. Wow. Nice play, though the throw was a tad short.

-Beck in. 1st play: Crisp pass to Cobbs in the middle, nice cut upfield by Cobbs. 2nd play: Pass high and behind Perkins, who makes a nice grab. 3rd play: Nice catch by rookie WR Michael Malone on an out, he comes back on the ball and makes the catch on his knees. 4th play: L Booker on a dump off. Catches this one.

-11-on-11, ones vs. ones Lemon, Brown with first team. 1st play: Brown on a draw, no tackling, decent run 2nd play: Four-wide, Hagan, Martin on one side ... Brown off tackle, stuffed. D saw that one coming. 3rd play: Lemon would have been sacked, passes over middle, broken up by Zach Thomas. 4th play: Pass in flat to Martin. 5th play: Draw to Chatman, shows some wiggle but would have been a minimal gain. 6th play: Brown off tackle, might have been a solid gain. He looked good.

-Green in. 1st play: Roll out, pass to Hakim batted down by Derrick Pope. 2nd play: Slant to P.K. Sam, who beats ... Jason Allen. 3rd play: Pass behind Cobbs. Green throws a few of those every practice. 4th play: Screen to Cobbs, a lot of movement on the lines, a flag would have negated the play. 5th play: Under pressure, Green dumps it off to Cobbs who picks up 15 yards or so before contact.

-Green in with first team. 1st play: Short pass to M. Booker who catches it in stride. 2nd play: Pass behind behind M. Booker on a intermediate out. Green's arm strength isn't there. 3rd play: Dump off to Brown. Would have been a sack. 4th play: Missed that one. 5th play: Forced to roll out, wobbler incomplete to Hakim in the middle. 6th play: Bouncer on a screen to Brown. Not a good series for Green.

Trent Green still seems to be struggling.  I'm still not sure what to make of it.  Maybe it's just me, but I'm having a hard time thinking of Cleo Lemon in terms of being a starting NFL quarterback.  

Anyways, if I find any other worthwhile thoughts on today's practice, I'll be sure to post them.

**UPDATE**: Here are some thoughts from Omar Kelly:

-Rookie fullback Reagan Mauia appears to have a broken or sprained the thumb on his left hand. He's practicing with a cast on his left hand, but was undergoing treatment on the hand earlier today.

-It appears the Brown & Jesse Chatman backfield will be a staple of the Dolphins diet on offense. The team's working with it during 11-on-11 drills and it looks intriguing. For those who are interested Brown's the up-back.

-Chris Liwienski continues to hold onto the starting left guard spot with Drew Mormino working with the second team. That makes plenty of sense to me because he did well against the Chiefs. I'm told Liwienski's issue is his consistency, so we'll see if he stays with the starters.

-Rookie linebacker Abraham Wright just got to QB John Beck for what would have been a sack. Wright's presently working with the first team on pass rushing downs, subbing in for Donnie Spragan and I suspect that'll be his role until Porter gets back.

-Just watched Green roll out of the pocket (because of pressure) to connect with Hakim in the middle of the field for a 25-yard gain. I didn't know he could still do that.